Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 Ways to Plan a Mother's Day Brunch

Have you waited until the last minute and don't have any ideas for your mother or for some your mother-n-law. A mother's day brunch is a fun and cost effective way to say how much your mother mean to you.
1) Pick a theme or color - When doing a mothers day brunch I like to work with colors. With colors they symbolize the season and also make you think about how to incorporate your mother's favorite colors for one lovely afternoon.
2) Gathering - Decide the type of gathering mom would want to have. Would it be small and intimate or on a larger scale with aunts, grandparents, close friends.
3) Food - You must have food. A perfectly planned brunch will include teas, pastries (danishes, scones, etc), and tea sandwiches.
4) Ambiance - Set the tone of the afternoon with fresh flowers, candles, and soft music.
5) Punch - A brunch is not a brunch without a great punch. Here is my favorite punch recipe, simple and taste great.
1 (6 oz.) can Tropicana orange juice concentrate, thawed
1 (6 oz.) can lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 qt. cranberry juice, chilled
1 qt. ginger ale, chilled
1 fresh orange, sliced

Mix thawed orange juice, lemonade, cranberry juice and chill until party time. Then add ginger ale and oranges. Makes 10 3/4 cups.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Power of Image

A Dailey Event had the great pleasure to coordinate the event "The Power of Image 09". The event was to raise funds for Fresh Start Salon owner/founder Mona Echard. The foundation is dedicated to encourage, empower and inspire women transitioning from dependency to self-sufficiency. The POI'09 was a combination of a professional photo shoot and silent auction. Local artists contributed paintings to assist with the raising of the funds for the salon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Play That Funky Music

There are times when clients tend to struggle with the decision to choose either a band, DJ, or sometimes both. The trend that you see more often is the band may play during cocktail hour and have DJ play during reception. One thing I have suggested to my clients is to utilize your dollars. We have hired a diverse band, that can sing at least two or more genre types of music. During the break or to get a good shuffle, we have utilized the famous IPOD. (of course) That has saved clients a whooping $600 or more. When selecting a band or DJ a few things to consider:
*Experience - how long have they been singing or DJing.
*Are the band/dj familiar with the venue?
*Are the band/dj properly insured?
*Make sure the band/dj is properly dressed.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beauty Essence

I had an opportunity to meet a fabulous woman, Mrs. Susan L. Taylor. Susan Taylor is the former editor of Essence Magazine. She spent over 27 years publishing with Essence. She visited San Antonio to speak on The Power of Healing and Empowering for the Sistas in Business Power speaking series. Mrs. Taylor spoke on taking care of yourself, and body, before you can take care of others. Mrs. Taylor is now pursuing her passion for her foundation National Cares Mentoring Movement. She has a passion for helping African American children. I was privileged to assist her with the signing of her latest book All About Love.